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It was excellent product I will be ordering more.

Great 😃

Thanks, Imonica!
- Ben

No more brain fog, more energy and balanced appetite

Ive been taking NMN for a couple of months now and Agemate’s quality is unmatched. I have more energy throughout the day and I’m thinking sharper at work. My appetite also seems to be a bit more regular and I’m not reaching for snacks in the afternoon anymore. I have just started to take this with Agemate’s resveratrol and they have both earned a permanent spot in my daily supplement stack.

We love to hear this! Thanks for sharing, Angie. NMN + Resveratrol together is a fantastic combo
- Ash


NMN powder is fantastic! I have heaps more energy and no longer feel tired mid afternoon. I highly recommend

Thanks for sharing Kath!
- Ash

76 years young

Have been taking NMN religiously every morning one scoop in water for 3 weeks now. The main thing that has happened so far are my blood pressure readings. 122/63 which is amazing for my age and not taking any medications.
I feel my energy levels are good and look forward as the weeks go by, still early stages.

That's incredible news Lynn! So pleased it's working for you :)
- Ash

Been sick for a week.

Let's see how i feel once in over the flu.

No worries, Dale!
- Ben


I must say after a few weeks of taking this I am feeling what the title says, refreshed! Because of my age I have been taking 500 mills twice a day. I definitely have more energy and my mind seems a bit sharper. So far I am loving it!

Brilliant to hear, Deborah! Thank you for sharing
- Ben

I found nmn effective but I needed to take 3 or 4 a day so would prefer stronger caps please Nev OConnor

Good feedback, Nev - we'll take it on board!
- Ben


Very happy, I have more energy and just feel more on the ball and I’m loosing weight . Great product

Amazing! Thank you for sharing, Julie
- Ben

Definite benefits!

This product has increased my energy levels so they are more steady throughout the day. Also feel more relaxed generally. I’ll keep on taking this 🙂

Love to hear this, Joumana!
- Ben

A definite boost of the energy levels

Just over a month in and my energy levels are up and stable through the day, feeling much more refreshed in the mornings too.

Cheers, Tanya!
- Ben

NMN Powder

I have noticed that my appetite is lower which has helped me shed 3kg in 6 weeks. Will keep taking daily. 1 level scoop was keeping me awake at night. Cut it back to 1/2 scoop now.
Good product.

Thank you for sharing, Yaya! :-)
- Ben

A Good Feeling Of Wellbeing

I am an 80 yo male - my goal has always been to retain fitness and stay 'Young At Heart' this product has most certainly improved my sleep pattern and energy levels if it improves my hair growth that would be a real bonus!

Love it to hear it, Douglas!
- Ben

Slowly feeling results

I have been taking for a couple of weeks now and still feeling slow shifts and benefits with every day. Most notably my sleep has improved immensely.

Thank you for sharing, Katherine!
- Ben

I think it’s helping!

I think it is really helping with my energy levels I’m not nodding off in the afternoon!

Awesome to hear, Clare!
- Ben

56 year old male

I ordered this with a little skepticism but have to say I have noticed a difference in the last couple of weeks, less afternoon brain fog and generally more alert. I take resveratrol with it too from a different brand but intend to give agemates resveratrol a go too.
The only way you’ll know if it’s right for you is by trying it.

Cheers, Scott! Appreciate the feedback
- Ben

Sceptical Trial

My first order of NMN was a one off. Noticed the effect on day 3/4, more clear thinking & energy for rotating rostered shift work. Now on subscription.

Great stuff, Anthony! Thank you for sharing
- Ben

I'm still new to this, but my energy levels are better compared to before

Happy to hear, Kavitha :-)
- Ben


I am happy with the product and the price is very adffordable for the recommended dosage level. I have recommended this to a number of overseas who are following David Sinclair advice as I am. I am always concerned as to the efficacy of these supplements. Despite that my general feeling of well being indicates some positivity.

Thank you, Frank! Appreciate the feedback
- Ben

Absolutely brilliant

I have been taking the powder for 5 weeks and the improvements have been remarkable. My energy levels have increased substantially as has my mental acuity. I am feeling like I was Pre menopause! Recommend highly .

So happy to hear, Carol!
- Ben

100g Pure NMN Powder, Pharmaceutical Grade, Stabilized for NAD+

Cheers, Carl!
- Ben

Great product. Really enjoying the energy and clarity. Highly recommend.

Cheers, Shane - great to hear!
- Ben

Incredible/ Life Changing

Attention!! This is real!
My life has changed significantly after taking NMN. It took about 3 weeks to notice the changes. On the fourth week I knew I will use this for the rest of my life. The energy I feel is UNBELIEVABLE!!I no longer feel exhausted driving home at the end of a long day or week. I can only speak of my own experience. I purchased some for my mum and my daughter. I’m looking forward to hearing their feedback.

Amazing stuff, Luke! Appreciate the time taken to leave the feedback
- Ben

Agemate is not my favourite title. Something related to increased energy might be more truthful. ...

I have experienced better sleep and more energy during the day. Less brain fog. Able to stick to me goal list.

Great to hear, Leigh!
- Ben

Outstanding Performance

I have found the age mate to really make a change to my weight and muscle Balance. I am an older person who wanted to see if there was anything that could support my maintaining health. This definitely seems to work and will be continuing to use it in the future. It also has scientific articles to back it which is very encouraging.

Amazing to hear, Caroline! Thank you for sharing
- Ben

Take 2 scoops perhaps havedone for8 weeks Min and really haven't noticed any benefit

Hi Angela!

Try upping the dose to 1,000mg daily in 250mg increments and see how you go for a few weeks. NMN's effects are very dose dependent as it works to restore NAD, which declines proportionally as we age. Simply by upping the dose, most experience the desired effects!
Keep in mind as well that the body needs 8-12 weeks to restore NAD to optimal levels, so these tings to take time.

Also, worth experimenting with taking it sublingually, as the NMN goes straight into the bloodstream instead of having to pass through the gut, which offers greater absorption.

Let me know how you go!
- Ben