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NMN & Resveratrol Bundle (3-Pack Capsules)

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Item form: Acid-resistant capsules

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What is NMN?
Touted as the 'new collagen', NMN creates NAD+ in the body, which is found in every living cell and helps it generate energy to function. NAD+, however, declines with age and its decrease is related to various age-related illnesses.

What is Resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a natural supplement made from the antioxidant-rich compound found in red wine, grapes and certain berries. Resveratrol works together with NMN to boost NAD+, and is involved in DNA repair, heart and skin health, metabolism, cognitive function, and managing cellular inflammation.

Recommended daily dosage:
40-60 year olds: 500-750mg
60+ year olds: 750-1,000mg

Real results

NMN, What the body needs to restore the decline of NAD.

Based on Scientific Studies
Natural, Vegan & GMO Free
Gluten & Major Allergen Free
Australian Founded

5 effects of taking NMN and restoring NAD

Each is linked to a clinical study.


Studies have shown that supplementing NMN can improve mitochondrial health, critical to metabolic functioning.


A study has shown an increase walking endurance, a measure of energy, in subjects after taking 300mg of NMN.


High levels of NAD+ can help maintain cognitive functioning and NMN facilitates that.

Insulin Sensitivity

A study showed better response to sugar in pre-diabetic women taking NMN supplementation.

Biological Age

A study using NMN in vitro has shown a reduction in the rate of ageing compared to the control group through the expression of age-related genes.

What's The Science On NMN & NAD+?

Decreased NAD+, accelerated ageing

NAD is a molecule that plays a vital role in many aspects of health and ageing.

It's is found in every living cell, and it helps to power the mitochondria, which are responsible for generating energy in the cells. NAD levels decline with age, and this decline is thought to contribute to the aging process.

However, in 2004, scientists discovered a form of vitamin B3 that could raise NAD levels safely and efficiently. This form of vitamin B3, called NMN, has been shown to help reverse the effects of ageing in animal and now human studies. As a result, NMN has the potential to be a powerful anti-aging treatment.


NMN Targets: Cellular senescence

Benefit: Weight management, mood, energy, eye sight, memory, age reversal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Carina (Sydney, AU)
NMN good, reservatrol not so great for me

NMN gives me energy but as soon as I take reservation (2 as suggested) I get stomach cramps and a bad belly. So 5 stars for MNM and 1 star for reservatrol

Hey Carina,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing stomach cramps after taking resveratrol,

Everyone metabolises Resveratrol differently, and on very rare occasions, some may experience side effects, especially if you're also taking other medications; hence, it's always a good idea to consult your physician.

Additionally, finding the right dosage and timing is crucial. If you're still willing to give it a try, starting with a lower dosage, 250mg and monitor how your body responds over the next 7 days before considering an increase. If you decide to increase, do so gradually, like adding 250mg every 7 days, ensuring your body tolerates it well.

If symptoms persist, it might be best to discontinue Resveratrol altogether.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.


Edwa Scott (Adelaide, AU)
Awesome products

I have to say NMN has helped me boost my energy levels ,sleeping better and foggyness clearing up notice every day changes fantastic a new lease on life I feel half my age even I mightn't look it but feel the boost of youthfulness so Thankful Cheers 🙏💚🧡💜🌈❤️

So happy to hear, Edwa! Wonderful news. Thank you for taking the time to share :-)
- Ben

Rebecca Turkich (Perth, AU)
First Timer

Can’t say I have noticed any changes; however, as someone fit and healthy I believe these additions assist with long term goals of health and wellness.

Hey Rebecca,

It’s great to hear that you’re committed to your long-term health and wellness. Even if you haven’t noticed any immediate changes, supplements like NMN can contribute to overall wellbeing and support your body’s natural processes. Everyone’s body responds differently, and sometimes the benefits are subtle or become more noticeable over time. Keep up the good work on your health journey, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Peter James (Redhill, GB)
No noticeable benefits after 2 months

I have been taking 1g of NMN and resveratrol daily for almost 2 months. I am yet to feel any benefit but will persist for now.

Hey Peter,

I appreciate your message, and I'm sorry to hear that you haven't observed any changes yet.

The effects of NMN and Resveratrol can vary from person to person due to differences in metabolism. Some individuals may notice its effects more quickly than others.

To enhance the benefits, consider gradually increasing your dosage by 250mg at a time, up to a maximum of 1000mg. Monitor how you feel after each increase to ensure you're tolerating it well. For example, if you're currently taking 500mg daily, try taking 750mg for the next 7 days, making sure to take the NMN sublingually and take the Resveratrol with fatty foods as it's fat-soluble.

If you're still not experiencing the desired effects after 12 weeks, factors like the MTHFR gene mutation or sensitivity to niacin could be at play. In this case, it might be helpful to start with a lower dose and consider taking substances like TMG or B vitamins, which support methylation.

Consistency is crucial with supplements. Taking NMN regularly with the best dosage will help you achieve optimal results.

Please let me know if you have further questions.


Patricia Cleveland (Hobart, AU)
Patricia. Report

I only started taking your powders 4 days ago. Today is no 5. So not a lot to report. However, my sleeping is much better, so that is good, Thankyou.
I will list the vitamins I take each morning. No drugs.
Calcium. Vitamin D. Magnesium organic. spirulina. Vitamin. d 3.
B 12. C Q10.
I am 90 years old. Very healthy. Lots of walking . Pilaties You Age mate powders were recommended by a friend. So I hope they will make me even more healthy.

Hey Patricia,

Thank you for sharing your experience with our powders! It's great to hear that you've noticed an improvement in your sleep after just a few days. Your daily vitamin regimen, combined with regular exercise and Pilates, is impressive, especially at 90 years old! We're glad that our Age Mate powders were recommended to you and we hope they contribute positively to your already healthy lifestyle. Please continue to keep us updated on your progress. Thank you for your support.


Rebecca Turner (Sydney, AU)
MNM - feeling

I am in the 2nd month of taking the tablets & I feel great ! I also feel like my skin is better too. I have better energy & don't need to sleep every afternoon:)

Hey Rebecca,

That's greatto hear! We're gladthat you're feeling great and noticing improvements in your energy levels and skin after taking the tablets for two months. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your positive experience!


Wang Isabella (Melbourne, AU)

Good product

Hi, Isabella!

We appreciate your feedback and we're happy to know that you find our product to be good! We hope to continue hearing from you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can assist you.



Love it

Hi, Karen

Thank you for taking the time sharing your positive feedback and we're pleased to hear that you love our product! If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to reach out and we will surely assist you! :)


Judy Williams (Sydney, AU)
Positive? I think so!

Using this sort of supplement is subtle. There's no change that is super obvious like hair colour or brighter teeth. But I will tell you this, I know I have inflammation inside as I am a diabetic. I did two things to improve my condition. I went on a strict keto diet and I took the Agemate supplements. My diabetic readings are vastly improved, I feel terrific and my friends have noticed that the 'puffiness' in my face (and elsewhere) has disappeared. That is inflammation being reduced. I will continue on this track and suspect that both changes in my habits are improving my long term health prospects.
Both changes have a role in that.

Hey Judy,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It’s great to hear that you’ve noticed significant improvements in your health since starting the Agemate supplements and adopting a strict keto diet. The reduction in inflammation and improvement in your diabetic readings are indeed promising signs of improved health.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s body responds differently to dietary changes and supplements, and sometimes the changes can be subtle yet impactful, as you’ve experienced. We’re glad to hear that you’re feeling terrific and that others have noticed positive changes as well.

Please continue to monitor your health and consult with your healthcare provider regularly to ensure these changes continue to benefit you. We’re here to support you on this journey.


Sheri (Sydney, AU)
The answer to energy

MNM and Resveratrol making all the difference in the world to my energy levels.

Hey Sheri,

We’re happy to hear that our MNM and Resveratrol products are making a significant difference in your energy levels! Your positive feedback motivates us to continue delivering high-quality products. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Please let us know if you need help. We're happy to assist.