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What is an NMN supplement? 

NMN is an acronym for nicotinamide mononucleotide, a naturally occurring molecule found in all life forms. It’s a ribo-nucleotide, a fundamental building block of RNA. Its structure consists of a nicotinamide group, a ribose group, and a phosphate group. NMN plays a critical role as the immediate precursor to the essential molecule NAD+, and is thus regarded as a crucial factor in raising NAD+ levels within cells.

Are NMN supplements safe?

Can NMN be considered safe, and what are its potential side effects? NMN is a favourable supplement for elevating NAD levels within cells due to its excellent tolerance, and studies on both humans and animals have revealed it to have minimal adverse effects. Human studies indicate that consumption of NMN up to 1,200 mg daily is safe.

What to look for when searching for the best NMN supplement? 

Purity, third-party testing, and a quality-guarantee are important not only safety & efficacy, but also peace of mind. There are companies that use fillers that reduce the amount of NMN in their products. All our NMN has been third-party tested and we display our certificates on our website.

We also offer a 100 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with our products, we offer a complete refund even up to 100 days.

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