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NMN Benefits: Known and Potential Advantages Backed by Scientific Research

NMN Benefits

In recent years, the spotlight has been firmly placed on Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), a molecule here at AgeMate that we know all too well and that is garnering substantial attention for its potential health benefits.


Researchers are continuing to explore the remarkable potential of NMN to raise NAD+ levels and extend both health span and lifespan. Let's delve into the known benefits and the exciting potential that NMN offers.


NMN: The Catalyst for Longevity


NMN is a compound that has shown immense promise in recent years, primarily due to its role as a precursor to NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells, and it's essential for several critical functions, including energy production, DNA repair, and cellular signalling. 

As we age, the levels of NAD+ naturally decline, contributing to the aging process. This natural decline has prompted researchers to explore the potential of NMN in boosting NAD+ levels, thereby potentially extending our health span and lifespan (R).


NMN Benefits: The Known


Improved Metabolic Health


Studies in mice have demonstrated that NMN supplementation can enhance insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, and decrease fat mass (R, R). In a recent human clinical trial, NMN supplementation improved muscle insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese men (R).


Enhanced Cardiovascular Health


NMN has proven effective in improving endothelial function, a critical factor in maintaining healthy blood vessels (R). In addition, NMN reduced blood pressure in mice (R).


Cognitive Function Enhancement


NMN has displayed cognitive benefits in mouse studies, improving memory and learning (R). Additional research on mice showed that NMN supplementation enhanced cerebral blood flow and cognitive function (R).


Improved Exercise and Physical Performance


NMN has been found to increase exercise endurance in mice (R). One study found that NMN enhances physical performance in older individuals, improving muscle motility, walking speed, grip strength, and chair-related activities (R). One study found NMN enhanced aerobic capacity in amateur runners (R)


Protection Against Age-Related Diseases


Studies in mice have shown that NMN improves both health span and lifespan (R). NMN has also demonstrated protective qualities against age-related diseases, such as neurodegeneration, liver damage, and kidney damage, in animal studies (R).


NMN Benefits: The Potential


While NMN's known benefits are already impressive in animal studies, because of this, human trials are starting to follow. There is a wealth of potential benefits that researchers are exploring:


Hearing Loss

Human trials provide evidence that NMN can ameliorate age-related hearing loss. In a study by Igarashi and co-researchers, NMN supplementation was shown to enhance hearing in the right ear of older men (R).


Anti-Aging Effects

NMN, as a precursor to NAD+, plays a crucial role in the aging process. Based on preliminary studies, NMN supplementation may potentially slow down or even reverse some of the effects of aging (R, R).

Niu and colleagues demonstrated that a daily NMN supplement of 300 mg nearly doubled telomere lengths (telomere shortening is considered a hallmark of aging) in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in men aged 40 to 60 years within just 90 days of treatment (R).

Cancer Prevention

NMN is being studied for various health benefits, including its role in cellular metabolism and DNA repair, there was no definitive evidence to suggest that NMN could prevent cancer. More research is required to solidify findings (R).


Immune System Support

NMN has been found to enhance immune function in animal studies (R), but further research is needed to determine whether this translates to humans.


Diabetes Prevention

While NMN has demonstrated the improvement of insulin sensitivity in humans, it remains unclear whether it could prevent the development of type 2 diabetes (R).




In summary, NMN has shown great promise in animals, and the commencement of human clinical trials is an exciting step in unravelling all the benefits of NMN, These insights suggest improvements in metabolic health, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, exercise performance, and protection against age-related diseases. 


As research continues to unfold, the potential benefits of NMN for anti-aging, cancer prevention, immune system support, and diabetes prevention are generating excitement and hope for a healthier and longer life. As always, we will keep you updated as new research comes through.

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Written By Natasha Jordan

BHSc Nutritional Medicine, International health - University Of Queensland

Diploma In Dermal Science - AACDS

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