TFEB and intermittent fasting

Enhancing Longevity Through TFEB Activation and Nutrient Sensing

Discover how TFEB enhances cellular recycling to combat ageing. Learn about its activation, impact on health, and practical strategies to boost its function for a longer, healthier life.

BerberineLDL, ApoE and longevity

The Influence of LDL Cholesterol and ApoE on Longevity

Discover how cholesterol particles like ApoB and LDL impact your lifespan. Learn about their significance in cardiovascular health and ageing, and explore strategies to manage their levels for bett...

Anti Agingerectile dysfunction and ageing

Erectile Dysfunction and Its Link to Ageing

Discover how to tackle erectile dysfunction (ED) and reclaim your confidence and quality of life. This guide explores the causes of ED, especially ageing, and offers practical solutions to improve ...

Anti AgingWhat is the Impact of Milk on Aging?

What is the Impact of Milk on Ageing?

Uncover how milk consumption may accelerate ageing through growth pathways, insulin resistance, and other mechanisms. Learn about its impact on long-term health, and explore non-dairy alternatives ...

NAD+Differences Between NAD+ and NADH

What Are the Differences Between NAD+ and NADH?

Discover the differences between NAD+ and NADH, their crucial roles in energy production, and their impact on cellular health. Learn how boosting NAD+ levels with supplements like NMN can enhance h...

LongevityWhat Is Your Biological Age?

What Is Your Biological Age? And Why It Matters

Discover why biological age matters and how it contrasts with chronological age. Understand the impact of lifestyle choices on aging and explore advanced techniques for measuring biological age to ...

Anti Agingage related weight gain

Age-Related Weight Gain: Causes and Prevention

Struggling with weight gain as you age? You’re not alone. Research shows individuals gain around 1kg per year with age. Dive into this article to uncover the causes of age-related weight gain and l...

LongevityLongevity Lessons from Centenarians

Longevity Lessons from Centenarians

Unlock the secrets to longevity from those who have lived past 100. Human life expectancy has significantly increased, but centenarians still hold valuable insights into extending lifespan.

Does Resveratrol Lower Estrogen?

Does Resveratrol Lower Estrogen?

Explore whether resveratrol can lower estrogen levels. This blog examines the scientific evidence, revealing how resveratrol modulates estrogen receptor activity and its implications for health.

ResveratrolDoes Resveratrol Thin Blood?

Does Resveratrol Thin Blood?

Explore the science behind resveratrol and its potential as a blood thinner. This blog examines whether resveratrol truly mimics the effects of traditional anticoagulants or if its cardiovascular b...

ResveratrolResveratrol and insomnia

Can Resveratrol Cause Insomnia?

This blog debunks that myth, showing how resveratrol can improve sleep quality through scientific evidence on circadian rhythms, stress reduction, and melatonin production.

Anti AgingThe Future of Anti-Ageing Technology: From AI to Biotech

The Future of Anti-Ageing Technology: From AI to Biotech

Explore how AI and biotechnology are transforming anti-ageing treatments in our latest blog. Discover groundbreaking advancements, from genomic analysis to personalised interventions, and the ethic...

Anti AgingDunedinPACE: A Revolutionary Measure of Ageing

DunedinPACE: A Revolutionary Measure of Ageing

Discover the DunedinPACE test, an advanced epigenetic clock that accurately measures biological ageing. This blog explores the DunedinPACE test, the difference between chronological and biological ...