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NMN dosage

Without doubt, this question is one of our most asked here at AgeMate. As it's so age dependant it's vital to address this early and start on the right dose for your needs. Generally speaking, most experts recommend taking between 250-500 mg of NMN daily, but it depends on age and weight as we'll explore further.

For reference, David Sinclair takes 1G per day and Andrew Huberman takes 2G per day, but these are high doses and may not be for everyone.

So actually a more important question than how much NMN should I take daily is…

How much NMN should you take based on your age? 




250 - 500mg

500mg -100mg


For reference our scoop is exactly 500mg so if you need to take 1g then just take 2. If for any reason you lose your scoop and you need to use a teaspoon then roughly 1 flat teaspoon (not heaped) is 500mg but we always recommend weighing it if you don't have your scoop with you.

Another vital factor to consider is your weight. We've broken down all this in a lot more detail in our final paragraph so head there if you'd like to continue reading this thread.

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How Much NMN Do I Need To Take For It To Be Effective?

In rodent studies examining the effectiveness of NMN in combating age-related ailments, dosages of approximately 300 mg/kg have been utilized. However, it's important to note that these high doses are specific to rodents and may not be directly applicable to humans, hence why we only listed human studies above.

In fact, a scientific concept known as "volume of distribution" suggests that larger organisms like humans require significantly lower doses compared to rodents. According to this concept, a 300 mg/kg dose in mice would correspond to a 24.39 mg/kg dose in humans.

To put this into perspective, for an individual weighing 75 kg (approximately 165 pounds), an effective dose would be around 1.829 grams of NMN per day. It's worth noting that the 300 mg/kg dose used in mice is considered substantial and likely provides more than enough NMN for efficacy. Therefore, the key question arises: "What amount of NMN is necessary for significant effects in humans?"

A study conducted on mice demonstrated that a daily dosage of 100 mg/kg mitigated most age-related physiological decline. Based on this dosage and factoring in the "volume of distribution," an optimal dosage for an average adult weighing 62 kg (around 137 pounds) would be approximately 500 mg per day. Similarly, larger adults weighing 90 kg should aim for approximately 750 mg per day regardless of age.

By considering these dosage recommendations, you can ensure they are taking an appropriate amount of NMN to potentially experience its beneficial effects. You can always start on a smaller dose and work your way up. As always if you are unsure consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist to determine the most suitable dosage based on individual needs and health considerations.

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Written By Natasha Jordan

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