Bryan Johnson's Project Blueprint: An Ambitious Quest for Age Reversal

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Did you know there is a man that is well on his way to proving he can reset his biological age from 46 to 18? That man is Bryan Johnson, a billionaire tech entrepreneur focused on biohacking and reversing his biological age through an ambitious project called "Blueprint." 

The concept, which sounds like it's lifted from a science fiction novel, is well within the realm of possibility for Johnson. After just one year into the initiative, test results indicate promising progress. What began as a personal experiment is now morphing into a program available to others who share his visionary goals. Despite skepticism from some who dismiss Project Blueprint as mere fantasy, others see its potential as legitimate.

What is Project Blueprint?

Launched on October 13, 2021, Project Blueprint is Johnson’s comprehensive anti-aging regimen. It involves strict daily routines and continuous health monitoring by a team of about 30 doctors to ensure his body is responding as intended. 

A particularly extreme aspect of his regime is the transfusion of blood plasma from his son, an attempt to rejuvenate his body. The project is also notable for its hefty price tag—Johnson spends approximately $2 million annually on his health under this program.

While elements like a controlled diet and regular exercise seem plausible, other facets of the program might appear excessive. We’ll delve into Johnson’s daily routine in the next section to provide a clearer picture of what his year in Project Blueprint entails.

A Day in the Life of Bryan Johnson on Project Blueprint

Johnson's days are significantly different from the average person's, shaped by the 100 daily protocols of Project Blueprint. His routine includes:

Waking Up:

Johnson rises at 4:30 AM without a traditional alarm, favouring a more natural awakening as part of his regimen.


He starts his morning with a mix of longevity-enhancing powders and a diverse set of 20 pills that target various aspects of health maintenance, such as blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammation, and nutrient absorption. 

Some of his morning supplements include: his own longevity mix, collagen peptides and NR and NMN. In the evening with his dinner and before bed he uses a mix of supplements including EPD/DHA/DPA, garlic, NAC and prescription medications including metformin and acarbose. 


Johnson meticulously records various health metrics each morning, labeling himself as "The Most Measured Man." 

His extensive testing includes basic blood panels covering kidney and liver functions, a complete blood count, and glucose levels; a lipid panel; hormone levels like DHEA-S, testosterone, and estrogen; and markers for inflammation such as hsCRP. He also checks a wide range of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, K, CoQ10, and essential trace elements and electrolytes. 

Additionally, his routine includes urine tests to assess iodine levels and kidney function. These detailed metrics allow Johnson to finely tune his lifestyle and supplements to optimise his health and longevity efforts.


He adheres to a vegan diet; his breakfast typically includes a green smoothie and a nutty cereal. Bryan Johnson adheres to a carefully calibrated diet that includes consuming 2,250 calories per day, which represents about a 10% caloric restriction from his maintenance level. 

His diet involves a substantial intake of vegetables, totalling over 31kg monthly. His typical meals feature nutrient-dense options such as "Green Giant" and "Super Veggie" dishes, alongside a "Nutty Pudding." He also incorporates a third, unspecified dish to complete his daily nutritional regimen. By 11 AM, Johnson has his final meal of the day, emphasising a key aspect of his routine.


Bryan Johnson's daily workout routine is a structured and intensive part of his broader health and anti-aging protocol. He dedicates one hour per day to a variety of approximately 25 exercises, totaling about seven hours per week.

His routine includes workouts with varying heart rate zones: around one hour at 88-105 bpm, four and a half hours at 106-159 bpm, and ninety minutes above 159 bpm. Specific exercises range from backwards sled pulling and various resistance training activities like tricep extensions, face pulls, butterfly, band pull-aparts, and back extensions, to targeted muscle group workouts such as oblique hyperextensions, leg raises, calf raises, step-ups, and squats.


He incorporates HIIT sessions three times a week and engages in outdoor activities like hiking, basketball, and tennis on weekends. Johnson’s fitness scores are exemplary, with performances equivalent to the top percentages of 18-year-olds in benchmarks like bench press, VO2 max, leg press, push-ups, flexibility, and grip strength, demonstrating his physical conditioning's effectiveness.


He ends his day at 8:30 PM, after taking his final supplements, to maintain a high-quality sleep cycle. Bryan Johnson prioritises high-quality sleep as a crucial aspect of his health and wellness routine, likening its importance to that of coffee. 

He has developed a sleep protocol that includes sleeping in a completely blacked-out room to eliminate light disturbances, adhering to a consistent bedtime every day, and sleeping alone to minimise disruptions. 

Additional practices include wearing blue light blocking glasses to reduce exposure to sleep-disrupting wavelengths before bedtime, having an hour of downtime to wind down before sleep, and using a temperature-controlled mattress to maintain optimal comfort and enhance sleep quality.

Outcomes and Perspectives on Project Blueprint

After two years, Johnson reports significant benefits from Project Blueprint, including slowed aging, reduced inflammation, improved bone density, and decreased organ age. Though these results are not yet universally replicable, Johnson plans to extend the program to 2,500 participants, which could provide broader validation.

Pros and Cons of Project Blueprint


Vegetarian Diet: Focuses on nutrient-rich, low-calorie intake.

Caloric Deficit: Aims to slow aging by maintaining a 10% caloric deficit.

Evidence-Based: Johnson’s physical improvements and clinical results lend credibility to his claims.


High Costs: The primary drawback is the significant expense, costing Johnson $2 million annually.


Project Blueprint encapsulates a universal desire for longevity and the reversal of aging, generating significant excitement and debate. While its full potential and efficacy remain under scrutiny, the coming years will likely provide clearer insights as more participants undergo the program.

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Written By Natasha Jordan

BHSc Nutritional Medicine, International health - University Of Queensland

Diploma In Dermal Science - AACDS

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