Does Resveratrol Lower Estrogen?

Does Resveratrol Lower Estrogen?

Explore whether resveratrol can lower estrogen levels. This blog examines the scientific evidence, revealing how resveratrol modulates estrogen receptor activity and its implications for health.

ResveratrolDoes Resveratrol Thin Blood?

Does Resveratrol Thin Blood?

Explore the science behind resveratrol and its potential as a blood thinner. This blog examines whether resveratrol truly mimics the effects of traditional anticoagulants or if its cardiovascular b...

ResveratrolResveratrol and insomnia

Can Resveratrol Cause Insomnia?

This blog debunks that myth, showing how resveratrol can improve sleep quality through scientific evidence on circadian rhythms, stress reduction, and melatonin production.

Anti AgingThe Future of Anti-Ageing Technology: From AI to Biotech

The Future of Anti-Ageing Technology: From AI to Biotech

Explore how AI and biotechnology are transforming anti-ageing treatments in our latest blog. Discover groundbreaking advancements, from genomic analysis to personalised interventions, and the ethic...

Anti AgingDunedinPACE: A Revolutionary Measure of Ageing

DunedinPACE: A Revolutionary Measure of Ageing

Discover the DunedinPACE test, an advanced epigenetic clock that accurately measures biological ageing. This blog explores the DunedinPACE test, the difference between chronological and biological ...

LongevityGenetics and longevity

Genetics and Longevity: Can Genetics Predict Lifespan?

Discover how genetics influence longevity. Learn about key genes like FOXO3, APOE, and CETP, and their impact on lifespan and disease resistance. Understand why genetic testing can't fully predict ...

NMNDoes NMN and NR require refrigeration

Does NMN and NR Need Refrigeration?

Do Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) need refrigeration to maintain their efficacy? These supplements are renowned for their anti-aging benefits, and proper storage i...

NMNCan NMN and NR improve eyesight

Can NMN and NR Improve Eyesight?

Discover how NMN and NR, NAD+ precursors, may improve eyesight by enhancing cellular health and energy production. These supplements show promise in supporting retinal health, protecting neurons, a...

Resveratrolresveratrol and anxiety

Can Resveratrol Cause Anxiety?

Explore the potential link between resveratrol and anxiety. Learn about the effects, benefits, and risks of this popular antioxidant supplement.

Anti AgingGut health and ageing

Optimal Gut Health and Healthy Aging: A Dietary Guide

Maintaining gut health is vital for overall well-being, especially as we age. Our latest guide explores how dietary patterns and lifestyle choices can nurture a thriving gut microbiome. Discover ti...

LongevityMindfulness and longevity

Can Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Help You Live Longer?

Discover the transformative power of mindfulness in our latest blog. Learn how stress reduction and mindfulness techniques can improve your well-being and potentially extend your lifespan. Explore ...

Anti AgingHow cells age

The Science of Ageing: How Your Cells Change Over Time

Embark on a journey to decode the complexities of how your cells age. From the biological transformations happening right now in your body to the intriguing theories on ageing, we delve deep into t...

CognitionLifelong Learning

How to Keep Your Brain Young Through Lifelong Learning

Unlock the secrets to aging healthily by exploring the often overlooked piece of the puzzle: keeping your brain healthy through lifelong learning. Engage in continuous learning to enhance cognitive...