Resveratrol and insomnia

Can Resveratrol Cause Insomnia?

This blog debunks that myth, showing how resveratrol can improve sleep quality through scientific evidence on circadian rhythms, stress reduction, and melatonin production.

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What Are the Benefits of Cold Plunge?

Did you know that immersing yourself in cold water could do more than just give you the chills? It’s a practice that has been embraced from ancient Roman times to modern-day wellness enthusiasts. T...


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How To Get More Deep Sleep

Switch off your phone, cool your room, meditate. Familiar sleep advice, but do they enhance deep sleep? Let's examine these tips, separating fact from fiction with scientific evidence to help you o...

SleepYour Comprehensive Guide to REM Sleep: What is it and How to Improve It

Your Comprehensive Guide to REM Sleep: What is it and How to Improve It

REM sleep is where reality and imagination entwine in a dance of rapid eye movements and vibrant emotions. REM sleep literally sounds like the stuff of dreams.  But there's some real science behind...

LongevityHow Does Sleep Improve Longevity

How Does Sleep Improve Longevity?

Does sleep improve longevity? This is the question we're going to answer purely based on scientific evidence and data to back it up.