Can Resveratrol Reverse Grey Hair?

Can Resveratrol Reverse Grey Hair?

Resveratrol, known for its presence in red wine, grapes, and nuts is celebrated for its antioxidant properties and potential health and longevity benefits. But can it also reverse grey hair? Let’s dive into the research and understand the possibilities.

What Causes Grey Hair?

Grey hair is primarily caused by the natural aging process. As we age, melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing hair pigment, gradually become less active and eventually stop producing colour, leading to grey or white hair. Other factors such as genetics, stress, and nutritional deficiencies can also play a role in how early and extensively we go grey.

The Role of Resveratrol in Greying Hair

Resveratrol’s antioxidant properties are at the heart of its potential benefits for preventing or reversing grey hair. Oxidative stress is known to be a contributing factor to aging, including the aging of hair follicles. 

By combating oxidative stress and inflammation, resveratrol could theoretically help maintain the health and vitality of hair follicles, possibly preventing or delaying the onset of greying.

Moreover, resveratrol has been shown to activate the SIRT1 gene, associated with longevity and the regulation of cellular health. This activation could potentially promote the health of melanocytes and perhaps even stimulate their activity, suggesting a pathway through which resveratrol could influence hair pigmentation (R).

What Does the Research Say?

Despite the theoretical benefits, scientific research directly linking resveratrol to the reversal of grey hair is scant. Here are some hair-related findings we have so far:


Hair Growth Promotion: Resveratrol has been shown to promote hair growth in mice, human hair follicles, and dermal papilla cells. Topical application of resveratrol significantly stimulated hair growth and transitioned hair follicles from the telogen (resting) phase to the anagen (growth) phase. Additionally, it increased hair shaft length and delayed entry into the catagen (regression) phase (R).

Oxidative Damage Protection: Resveratrol's antioxidant properties protect dermal papilla cells from oxidative damage, which is a known factor in various types of hair loss and potentially in the greying of hair. By preventing oxidative damage, resveratrol helps maintain healthier hair follicles (R).

The protective effects of resveratrol on hair cells could indirectly suggest benefits for grey hair by preserving hair follicle health and function. However, specific studies directly linking resveratrol to the prevention or reversal of grey hair are lacking. Its general benefits to hair follicle health and oxidative stress reduction could imply potential advantages in maintaining natural hair color.

Should You Try Resveratrol for Grey Hair?


For those aiming to maintain their hair colour and enhance hair health, start by focusing on a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, managing stress, and avoiding smoking and excessive sun exposure.

Resveratrol shows great promise for various health benefits, and while its ability to reverse grey hair is not yet proven, it remains a compelling possibility. 

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Written By Natasha Jordan

BHSc Nutritional Medicine, International health - University Of Queensland

Diploma In Dermal Science - AACDS

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